Day 5 Schools with Community Linkage and Partnerships

Pillar V

Schools with Community Linkage and Partnerships

Child friendly schools work to strengthen families and community responsiveness to education by establishment of vital relationships with teachers. They promote partnerships that are supportive to achieving the schools goals with the community.

Characteristics of Schools with Community Linkages and Partnerships:

  1. School involved in a family and community life and actively works to build the capacities and relationship with parents and other community members. The staff works with and strengthens families; helping children, parents and teachers to establish collaborative partnerships

  2. Organisation of open days

  3. PTA meetings every term

  4. Home visits; teachers visiting homes of learners

  5. Support structures/ partnership organisations in place

  6. Organisation training; capacity development activities for community members.

  7. Availability of annual contributions to school by parents, community, NGO, private business and their utilisation.