Malawi Child-Friendly Schools (CFS) Five Day Training Curriculum

This training curriculum is designed to "Train-the-Trainers" to achieve the goals identified by the forty-seven standards of the Malawi UNICEF Child-Friendly School Curriculum, that incorporates the training of teachers to implement the CFS Curriculum in the schools, homes and communities. This training model is a customized adaption of the Addie Training Model. The training is designed to address the five CFS Pillars by highlighting one pillar each day with related reinforcing and supporting training activites.

It is the goal of this training to train and empower the Malawi Teacher Trainers to train and mentor Malawi Classroom Teachers to implement and promote, in the home and community, a Child-Friendly School and Gender Responsive attitude and behavior.

These five pillars form the support for our education curriculum

Pillar I

Rights-Based and Inclusive Schools

PIllar II

An Effective School

Pillar III

A Safe, Protective, and Health Promoting School

Pillar IV

A Gender Sensitive School that Promotes Equity and Equality

Pillar V

Schools with Community Linkage and Partnerships

Goal 1: Overall Mission

  • The training of the CFS Curriculum.

  • The training the trainers in using paper resources for training.

  • The technology enhancements in support of the CFS Curriculum, DET Modules, and skills for participating in the monthly webinars.

  • The development and required training for the trainers for the resource centers and in designing modules for training the trainers for training teachers for using mobile devices as instructional tools.

  • The need to develop for 'TRUST' in the willingness to participate, listen, and TRY these new CFS strategies and technology.

  • If we do a good job in empowering them, listening to them, respecting them, and collaborating with them, then they will be able to train others (believing in the CFS concepts) and how technology can enhance this movement in training, teaching, learning, community, and country!

Goal 2: CFS Knowledge-Based Skills for Trainers

  • The Child-Friendly, Gender-Responsive Curriculum (2017)

  • Concepts of CFS & GRC

  • Pedagogy of teaching strategies for CFS & GRC

Goal 3: Trainer-Based Skills

  • How to train trainers

  • How to set up a training environment (location, facilities, attitudes)

  • How to create training materials (addressing learning styles, exceptionalities, etc.)

  • How to motivate and monitor trainers

  • How to evaluate trainers for continued professional growth in meeting the goals of a CFS

  • How to create customized training resources

Goal 4: Mobile-Technology Enhanced Skills

  • Basic technology literacy skills for the iPad

  • How to search for mobile apps, videos, etc. for supporting the curriculum and in meeting their training needs

  • How to create DET Content, iBooks, Bookmark Apps, and DET Modules

  • How to create a basic Resource Website for displaying DET CFS Content for their particular training group (Jeff and I will create a main Resource Website for the Train-the-trainers that will be used also for the monthly webinars)

  • How to deliver training using technology tools (when available and appropriate).

  • How to receive training online