Malawi Child Friendly Schools

We are working with UNICEF to bring digital inclusion and a gender unbiased education experience to Malawi.


This site stands as an archive of our educational materials, built by those who've seen the worst and best of humanity, made freely available to all who strive to become more. To those who would see to it, a brighter future for the world's youth. The designers and builders of these materials want to thank you for all you've done and all you will do.

No matter how lost the future may seem, it's always worth saving.

Robbie Melton celebrates a gift from the Machinga team.

The Chiradzulu Tech Team: Clifford, Alice, Ken, Veronica, Misheck, Taddeus, Rodgers, and Alfred

Students doing TALULAR Activity at Chiradzulu 2017 day 3.

Grace, Happy, and Memory take over iPads.